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Apple Food Systems have forged themselves an enviable reputation for the supply of high quality production equipment for the production of Muffins, Bar Cakes/Twinkies or Cup Cakes. Every aspect of the production of Muffins can be catered for with the considerable range of equipment available from Apple Food Systems. The MR150 Series Depositing Unit is particularly adaptable at Depositing every type of Batter, with or without the inclusion of cherries, blueberries & currants etc.

The MR150 Series Depositing Unit can be supplied as a free standing, individual machine for manual operation, i.e. the operator would present the baking trays to the depositor and initiate each deposit by means of a foot pedal, or the machine can be incorporated into an automated production line, also designed and manufactured by Apple Food Systems.

All types of smooth free flowing fillings can be handled, including, aerated cream fillings, chocolate sauces, jams, custards and syrups When incorporated into an automated production line the single machine can be mounted at close proximity centres (minimum 50mm) upon a common support frame with outlet nozzles positioned to suit the configuration of the baking tray.

For the more dedicated production lines, the machine is offered in a common drive arrangement with the centres of the outlets as close as 50mm. Electronic menu selection for varying products to be deposited is available as standard. Both options of Depositing Unit offer the user extremely accurate depositing with targets of +/- 0.5 grams being easily achieved. If batter is to be deposited directly into baking trays, Apple Food Systems offer release agent spray systems to suit all production capacities, manual or automatic. If paper cases are to be filled Apple Food Systems can offer paper cup dispensers for the automated processes. For post bake filling or topping of muffins, Apple have a range of injection and depositing equipment to suit every need. Whether you require Top Injection, Top Decoration, Side Injection or even injection from beneath, Apple have it all. The range of equipment offered is designed and manufactured to the same high standards as the proven range of Depositors produced by Apple Food Systems.

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